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Frequently Asked Questions
Why should I work with your company?

Our property managers are very knowledgeable and readily available to take care of your needs. We are proud of a support staff that has worked as a team for many years that is professional and offers exceptional service. Our good reputation, solid business practice and the fact that we treat your property like it is our own is why you should add your property to our inventory. You can feel confident, whether you are 10 or 1000 miles away, that your investment is being managed with quality care.

How do we know what the property will rent for?

We will research comparable units (similar size, features and amenities) to make a recommendation based on current market trends. Our goal Is to price the house in a manner that will maximize the number of applicants.

How do you advertise?
  • List the property on all of our websites and our syndicate partner sites now totaling over 55 websites, all with exceptional traffic every day.
  • We advertise daily on
  • Yellow Pages & Yahoo Local Pages
  • All new properties are emailed out to our large database of potential renters that are on our mailing list and all referral partners in our network (Real Estate Agents, Mortgage Brokers, Local businesses)
  • Sign and Lockbox at the property
Do you screen the applicants?

In addition to verifying their current residence, payment history and employment status, we obtain credit reports on all applicants.

How will I receive my rental proceeds?

Once the property is rented we offer different options. Each month, we will mail a check to the address you provide or we can deposit a check to your bank account, which is the preferred method for most of our clients for ease and to stay Green and maintain our paperless office environment. In addition, you will receive a monthly statement. It is computer generated, not hand written, and not only gives you over all income and expenses but details every transaction for you. We also include all receipts from vendors for work completed.

When are inspections of the property done?

Before the execution of the lease renewal, or whether you request it. We are not certified home inspectors, and do not test appliances or other working systems of the house during walk through. During our visit we look for obvious damage and observe the condition of the house.

Do you sell real estate?

No. Our attention is focused 100% on the properties we manage. If you are looking to buy more investment properties or sell your properties or sell your property we are happy to refer you to a realtor.

Who holds the tenants Security Deposit?

We hold the security deposit into our broker trust account.

How do you handle Evictions?

The eviction process in California, when compared to other areas of the country, is fast. We begin the eviction process on the 5th of the month by posting a Notice to Pay or Quit at the property. When the mandatory time has expired and the tenants have still not met their obligations we will have our attorney file the appropriate paperwork with the Court. Usually between 2-4 business days later the tenants will be physically removed from the property and the locks will be changed. The entire process averages about 4-6 weeks.

How can I be sure the tenant will maintain my property?

Being a landlord and having rentals is a business. With any business or investment there comes with it a certain amount of risk. The most realistic answer to the question is that you cant be sure of anything. However, you can take the necessary steps to reduce your risk by using a property manager that checks a tenant’s background, executes a solid lease agreement and checks on the tenant periodically.

What is involved in preparing a property to be rented?

Your property will rent quicker and demand a higher rent value if it is clean and in good condition.

When can we start?

If you are not currently involved with a licenses management firm we can start immediately. Call today to set up and appointment with one of our experienced property managers. When we begin advertising, the property needs to be ready for an approved applicant to take possession.

General Information and Service Features
Our Company’s Management Benefits
  • Approved and tested California Association of Realtor leases with customized updated addendums
  • Fair Housing Complaint tenant screening process which includes credit check, police record scan, and public records scan
  • Interim inspection policy for all tenants with comprehensive inspection reports. Email photos from property inspections also available
  • Interactive internet site with photos and rental applications online for 24 hour access, tenant and owner portals for access to full property reports, accounting and able to pay rent online
  • 24 hour emergency answering service
  • Full time leasing agents to show properties and respond to rental inquiries that includes monthly rental logging system for rental activity analysis
  • Fully automated monthly reporting systems with fully automated accounting systems for owners statements plus year end recap reports for all properties
  • Direct deposit capability upon owner request- Master Card, Visa and Amex credit cards accepted
  • Member: National Association of Realtors, Placer County Association of Realtors and National Association of Residential Property Managers
  • Commitment to customer satisfaction, good tenant relations, and preservation of capital assets
Full Service Management Contracts Include
  • Single family or condo properties Vienna approved lease agreement including updated addendums tailored to specific needs
  • Various advertising of the property including, photographic display on our website plus multiple other advertising sites we are syndicate partners with, plus we also advertise daily on Craigslist
  • Comprehensive property evaluation and inspection prior to tenant
  • Signage and lock box access for speedy tenant evaluation
  • Automated accounting systems set up
  • Tenant showings
  • Property management contract covering your specific requirements
Monthly Management Fees Include
  • Rent collection
  • Monthly accounting statements
  • Disbursement of funds
  • Assessment and collection of late fees
  • Posting of eviction notices, notices to pay, notices of breach
  • Repairs and maintenance supervision
  • Staff recommended local licensed and insured repair contractors
  • Various “drive by” inspections
  • Year end accounting recap statements
  • Banking services including direct deposit option
  • Security deposit trust accounting and disposition
New Tenant Lease Includes
  • Signage and lock box
  • All website syndicate partner advertising
  • Internet advertising and daily Craigslist advertising
  • Email and fax network publication of availability to network leasing agents
  • Property showings by our leasing agent and other rental agents
  • Rental commissions paid to renting agent
  • Tenant application and screening service including credit report
  • Move in preparation of property
  • Execution of lease with tenant and tenant orientation to rules and regs. And collection of guaranteed funds upon move in
  • Executed copies of documents to all parties
Tenant Lease Renewal Includes
  • Interim property inspection with tenant
  • Interim repair and maintenance condition report with photos
  • Repair and maintenance coordination as required
  • Review market conditions on rental rates and terms
  • Negotiate and execute new lease


We appreciate the opportunity to discuss our qualifications with you. Please let us know if we can provide you with our references to assist in your decision about our company.