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What Makes Us Different?

Our Approach

Property management is often overlooked in a conventional real estate organization. In numerous offices the property managers tend to be inexperienced and possess limited resources to successfully manage valuable property assets, this usually results in short cuts with systems and procedures, a greater risk of human error as well as ultimately bad customer service. With a combination of our experience, our people and our extremely efficient systems we provide a safe answer for the management of your home and the very highest standard of service and professionalism.

Attention to Detail

The most essential component associated with property management is actually consideration to fine detail, especially in relation to property condition reports, inspections and tenant selection. The future of your investment is dependent on exactly how comprehensive your property manager is when dealing with these crucial areas.

Ultimate Protection

Protecting you as well as your investment is our number one priority. We have very carefully researched safeguards for you and your property. While we take each and every possible measure to make sure the right tenant is chosen occasionally circumstances change that lead to tenancy issues. We monitor your lease payments on a daily basis and inspections are regular as well as comprehensive. We utilize professional tenant screening services and have the ability to report positive and negative tenant payments to the credit bureaus via PRBC, resulting in more responsible tenants who take better care of your property.

Proactive Performance

Our quality systems minimize the time needed to conduct the daily tasks such as monitoring rent, lease renewals and general repairs so that we can spend more time on the important elements of managing your investment. Our focus is on reducing vacancy, monitoring market conditions.

No Hidden Extras

The biggest mistake property investors make is choosing an agent based on the lowest fees and the highest rental quote. When you think about it, how easy would it be to secure your business if all we had to do was tell you what you wanted to hear? When selecting an agent you should be very careful of discounting and what seem to be low fees. We have completed a recent local study which highlighted the various “extra’s” some agents have in addition to the standard commission. When you ask us about fees we will make it clear, easy to understand and we will never surprise you with hidden extras.

Tenant’s benefit for On Time Rent Payments:

With MicroBilt’s PRBC FICO Expansion score reporting, we have the ability to report both positive and negative rent payments to the credit bureaus which is your best resource for being rewarded for paying your rent on time, resulting in an increase in your credit score.