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We Treat Your Property Like it’s Our Own
  • We pride ourselves on our technology and accountability to our clients, we make sure you are updated with everything that happens with your property right away
Automatic Rent Payment
  • Tenants are able to pay their rent online directly through our website, no more waiting for the check that is in the mail
  • We automatically record rent income when tenants pay online, so you can see this online in real time
Provide Owners with Real-Time Access to their Investment Properties Performance with an owner Portal
  • Update Contact Information
  • Real Time conversation dialogs between our company, tenants & owners
  • View and approve work orders
  • View bills and attached invoices
  • Run real time reports
  • Access shared documents
View any Maintenance requests from your tenants online
  • One of the top reasons for successful tenant/property management relationships is due to the customer service offered and we take that seriously
  • Within our website, we allow tenants to submit service requests online and check their status then forward to owners for approval if necessary
Screening Tools
  • We maintain membership in a tenant screening company to combine powerful analytics with a comprehensive database of credit and criminal background information to offer a cost effective and fast solution to tenant screening so you can feel at ease knowing your investment is safe with our research tools
  • In addition to criminal and credit backgrounds, we have access to a national database for the past 7 years which will provide access to up to seven years of historical rental informational about our applicants that will provide info such as:
    • Late or missed rent payments
    • Skips and evictions
    • Amount Owed at lease termination
    • Determines if the tenants have the ability to pay rent